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Hi! I've been an o2 customer for many years and am entitled to upgrade this month. However, I am struggling to find an incentive to stick with purchasing from o2 given that, for example, the Samsung S9 - over 24 months at only 5GB data - is £45 per month even with £60 upfront. Having had a look, I could get the same phone, on o2, via Carphone Warehouse - again over 24 months but with 30GB data (!) - for only £40 per month and £50 upfront. It seems a no brainer - unless you can advise otherwise? Many thanks, Jennifer

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Re: Upgrade

There are many ways to get what you want cheaper than directly from O2... But you miss out on O2 Refresh (where your phone contract is separate from your Airtime contract), and also the option to extend or shorten your contract from the ubiquitous 2-year one.

I got my latest upgrade from mobilephonesdirect, and am plenty happy with it, given it was better than O2's offering even after factoring in the discounts available.

Take your time to choose, 2years is a long time to be stuck in a contract or deal you can't get out of...
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Re: Upgrade

Go with the cheapest option for you wether that be O2 or any other network.
There is no loyalty anymore so just look after yourself.
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Re: Upgrade

Hi @jgilmour91 , welcome to our community! Smiley Happy

We put together this info topic around 'benefits of choosing O2' towards the end of last year, and I thought it might offer some helpful insights to your question also on top of what our members mentioned above! 

Hope to see you around on the community soon. Don't hesitate to let us know what phone you chose in the end? Smiley Happy

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