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Samsung a70

Hiya I'm thinking of getting the Samsung galaxy a70 I just wondered if anyone who has it rate it? I would normally go for galaxy or huwei p30 but trying to save money
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Re: Samsung a70

If we're comparing agains the P30 ;

Same amount of storage = 128gb
Bigger battery capacity than the P30
Bigger display at 6.7" against the P30 pro size of 6.1"
RAM is the same at 6GB

Both have a fingerprint sensor, both do fast charging Smiley Happy

Has it mainly been Galaxy's you've had before?
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Re: Samsung a70

Go for the Galaxy because quite apart from the above comparison, the P30 will only be worth £100 as soon as you leave the store.

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Re: Samsung a70

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Hello @DanW 
I purchased the Samsung Galaxy A70 in May this year just after it's launch.
I find my purchase excellent. I have written a review on the community o2.
It has a lot of features big screen which I wanted it's fast responsive, best to read the techy details because I think it's great value in that regard.
If price is an issue then Samsung do an A50 which is also a very good buy - do a comparison. If possible get into a Samsung store they will go through it and you can handle each one, look at the price too. Then you would be well informed.
Good luck and let us know how you get on😁

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Re: Samsung a70

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Here is the good review of the A70 written by @TallTrees  (in case you want to read it to help you with your choice).


Best of luck thumbsup

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Re: Samsung a70

Thank you @Cleoriff 

very helpful of you : heart eyes