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Review of Samsung Galaxy A70

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I recently bought the Samsung Galaxy A70 and have been using it for a while.


Unboxing the device

The A70 is nicely boxed. Inside it has the phone on the top, the charging unit, a small key to open the slide for the 2 SIMs and SD card, and a pair of ear buds. It also has a "quick start guide", a warranty card, and a regional lock guide.


20190517_181445 (2).jpg.20190518_100748 (2).jpg20190518_101053.jpg


Phone setup & initial impressions

The Box was opened at the Samsung store and they helped me set up the phone.

The O2 SIM goes in the centre of the three spaces.

The A70 screen is bright and the extra size of the screen is very good indeed, but at the same time is not over-powering to my hand.  


P1010068 (2).JPG



It is quick and lively between requests and I like the way it shows me how many pages are open, I can look at each quickly and bring up a new browsing page immediately.


Emails are very easy to set up and so are contacts. I use the calendar regularly to remind me on my daily chores & appointments etc.- this is also very easy to set up.


The Camera is fantastic.  It has many functions including editing of each photo. Panoramic scene, video slow motion It takes really sharp and clear photos.  It is also quite easy to use and I am using all the functions with good success. 


I also use the calculator.  My region weather shows up too - that is good as I like to know the weather! The Date and time on the main screen and obviously the messages.


Charging ~  very fast ~ I can charge just before going out and it's ready.

Battery Life ~ is very long and plenty for my use.

Storage ~ plenty of storage for photos etc. 


Things to keep in mind

Two grumps:

  • I needed to buy a converter: USB Type-C to Micro USB a small adaptor because the size of the connection from the phone to the cable is different.

P1010066 (3).JPG

  • The charging cable is shortish so needs to be quite near the mains plug.



Neither of these would have prevented me from buying this Phone though.


I am very pleased with my purchase -  just easy to get used to. I would choose this again having used it for some time and would not change my mind.


I also bought a fold over case for it as it keeps is clean and safe.