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Samsung Note 9 ... the new Note 7?

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Re: Samsung Note 9 ... the new Note 7?

That's a bit worrying to say the least.

However, only one person has made that 'claim' I will wait for others before forming an opinion.

As someone who has had the Note 8 for the last few months, mine certainly doesn't overheat.

I wonder if it's someone with a grudge? Confused

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Re: Samsung Note 9 ... the new Note 7?

Apparently this occurred on September 3. Not sure why it’s taken so long to get into the public domain.


Let’s hope it’s not a repeat!

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Re: Samsung Note 9 ... the new Note 7?

There's been no problem with the Note 8s as far as I'm aware. So unless Samsung have done something different with the Note 9 battery, I don't get it. Of course, this lady could just be trying it on 😏
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