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Re: #O2Surprise

@Cleoriff Congratulations you deserve it 

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Re: #O2Surprise

@Cleoriff wrote:

What can I say, other than thank you O2 heart


To explain, I never win anything, so imagine my 'surprise' this morning when a DHL van pulled up outside my house and the driver handed over a parcel.

I hadn't ordered anything so I was a bit wary. Thought something had been sent to the wrong address.


When I opened it, I was shocked. A big blue box with O2 Surprise on the front. A covering letter which said

'Hi Cleoriff, We thought you might like  some word puzzles of your own, or maybe you could share them with someone to free up the newspaperSmiley Happy We've sent you some other goodies too. We hope you like them. Much love @O2 Social Media Team'


When I opened the box I was amazed to find it contained the following....


Belkin Wireless Charger

A set of earbuds

A power charging bank

A stress ball (just what I need today)

A drinks container to click on my belt or bag.

2 massive crossword and Word search books.



So, I am really delighted.

Once again thank you O2.

Please pass on my thanks to everyone including yourselves @Marjo @Martin-O2 @EmilieT 

Aw brilliant Den, fully earned so enjoy it. Still awaiting my deights from them, though I did get a lovely surprise from your good self today. You've made an old man very happy!heart eyes

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Re: #O2Surprise

Splendid Smiley Wink
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Re: #O2Surprise

[ Edited ]

Thanks all though I'm sure they pull random names 'out of a hat'.  I don't think I was chosen in any way. innocent

It doesn't matter. It was a lovely surprise.

My other half has already pinched the crossword puzzle book. joy

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Re: #O2Surprise

Well, how about that? Someone I 'know' actually got an #O2surprise!

Well done! Whatever you did, keep doing it!
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Re: #O2Surprise

Nice one o2, and that what a lovely surprise for the one and only @Cleoriff!!
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Re: #O2Surprise

@gmarkj wrote:
Nice one o2, and that what a lovely surprise for the one and only @Cleoriff!!

@gmarkj  As my Mum often used to say 'Thank God we only had one like you!!' (Not sure she meant it as a compliment) LOL

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Re: #O2Surprise

Congrats @Cleoriff ! Really happy you liked your #O2Surprise! cool partypartyparty

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Re: #O2Surprise

Thanks @Martin-O2 

The charger is brilliant. The power bank will help when we go away on March 22nd.

I will more than likely need the stress ball when we are hammering down the motorway. joy

My other half doesn't seem to like anything in front of him....Fear

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Re: #O2Surprise

Great @Cleoriff 

well deserved yahoo