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O2 Forums STILL Signing Users Out....WHY????

I posted about this over 6 months ago and it seems absolutuley ZILCH has been done about it....!!Smiley Mad


Why is it that whoever designed these forums, made this brilliant idea (#sarcasm) of signing you out every half an hour, if you don't activley post a thread...? Its utter madness............


If I just want to keep a tab open in my browser, showing these forum pages, and I haven't replied or posted anything in half an hour - I get signed out?  This means I need to sign back in EVERY TIME I just want to reply to a post?!  No other forums ANYWHERE on the web do this (and I use loads!!) so why do the o2 ones sign you out?  Its literally enough to stop me coming back and using the forums because I constantly need to re-sign back in EVERY HALF AN HOUR - utter madness......Smiley MadSmiley Mad

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Re: O2 Forums STILL Signing Users Out....WHY????

DinoF it is due to the fact it is linked to myo2. previously on old forums it was not but it meant we got loads of spam posts every day.


The team have commented it is being looked at but no timescales senc chiara a pm

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Re: O2 Forums STILL Signing Users Out....WHY????

Other forums you use on the internet aren't linked to your mobile phone account which could essentally pose a huge security hole if you were able to leave yourself logged n somewhere even though you only wanted to use the forum.


This was discussed (sort of) here: http://community.o2.co.uk/t5/Discussions-Feedback/O2-Guru/m-p/491594/highlight/true#M35460

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Re: O2 Forums STILL Signing Users Out....WHY????

I feel your pain !


Smiley Wink