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Note 10

Rumoured devices a thing?

With about 6 weeks until big DJ does the reveal, anyone interested in the real Samsung flagship?

What would make you sway one way or the other? What would you buy instead?

My concern is ( looking at the S105G) that O2 won't stock it at release. I'm not used to buying a locked device. This would force me moving carrier.

Other than that, the rumours are all looking good. I like the Note line being all mature business tech. I need it to work.
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Re: Note 10

@BOSSGOGG O2 devices come unlocked as standard 

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Re: Note 10

Perhaps made myself unclear on that point.

There is NO UK unlocked S105G. As the only 2 5G operators atm have the phones locked to them. So it's either a locked EE or Vodafone one.

So if O2 have not released their 5G products by August it may well be the same with the Note 10. Which would be a shame.
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Re: Note 10

I suspect they'll no doubt do what they have done with the S10 and release LTE and 5G versions.




Although Vodafone and EE no doubt have an aggressive roll out schedule, I think a lot of people rushing to buy the S10 5G will probably be disappointed to find 5G hasn't yet reached their area.


I think it might be less impressive in the areas it has reached as they'll still be monitoring and tuning the network.


I'd give it 12 months although I can tell you are itching to get your hands on it as am I but am going to hang onto my Nokia 5 and wait for it to make it's way down to the mid to low end devices.



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Re: Note 10

@techtamer I think you are right.
But if I was not buying the new note in 6 weeks there is a good chance I would have bought the S10 5G. Couldn't care too much about the 5G element atm. It's just the best android device ( if you don't need or use the Spen) around.

Hence my reservation for the UK Note 10 on release day. Only 2 locked 5G versions will be an issue.
Let's hope the locked S10 5G is just a blip for exclusivity in the UK. Other EU locations have unlocked versions direct from Samsung.