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I would welcome comments.


December 2014 someone used my name/address and opened an 02 account. £340 was charged to my Nat West debit card, which quickly ( but not quick enough ) was flagged as a fraud on my account.  I contacted the police and obtained a crime reference number and both they and I contacted 02 to explain the situation.  02 at the time agreed this was a fraud.


October this year, I received a letter from 02 saying they had closed my account. I don't have and never had an account with 02.  They added " but you owe us £895.07 ". They referred the debt to the Lowell agency.


I contacted the agency who were less than helpful and also 02.  The only way I could half talk to a human was via the online chat, which I recorded.  They said they would pass it to the fraud department.


I received a text from the fraud department recently to say, my fraud had been closed and thank you for contacting them.  I want more, what is to stop this so called debt coming back as a larger total?


I would like something in writing from 02 but I have reached a brick wall.  Does anyone have a suggestion?  I know it was someone who pressed a button which started a chain of events.  I just don't want this to return which I think is a reasonable request.





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Re: Fraud

Hi @Anonymous If you make a complaint you will get something in writing

http://www.o2.co.uk/how-to-complain you can also from within that link email the complaints review service


Have you checked your credit file via Experian?

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Re: Fraud

Thanks for your reply, I am grateful.


Strangely, I have been contacted by 02 this morning and they promise "to look into this."


I am concerned about my credit rating and will be checking this.


thank you again



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Re: Fraud

If the charge was referred to a debt collection agency, it's likely that this would be reflected on your credit rating. Definitely check this, and follow this through with a formal complaint to O2 using the method @Cleoriff has suggested. This is O2's complete responsibilty to you to clear anything untoward on your credit rating. You need to get this in writing.


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Re: Fraud

Hi @Anonymous,


Sorry to hear about this. I'm Toby, the community manager here on O2.

Please send me a private message (using this link) and I'll ask the rest of the team about what we can do.

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