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eSim Activation - flawed process?

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Last week I switched from Vodafone to O2 and selected an eSim as I hoped it would be an easier switch - big mistake! My Vodafone sim has been deactivated, and my number ported over to the eSim but I'm unable to login to MyO2 to activate it as I can't receive the verification texts. I've looked through the emails and the only reference to an eSim is that I could track the order on MyO2, there was no information on how to set it up. 


I feel like I'm going around in circles with the customer service, in store and online, and no one can give me a straight answer on how to resolve the problem. I was supposedly sent an eSim activation QR code in the post next day delivery, but that was 5 days ago and it hasn't arrived. 


I've been looking online to try and find an answer and have found multiple people on Twitter in the last week in exactly the same situation - unable to activate an eSim because they can't get into MyO2 due to the verification texts. Is this a new system they've introduced recently? It's mad there doesn't seem to be a backup which doesn't involve going into a store which isn't an option for everyone. Also a person instore said I should have received an email with my eSim activation code - is this correct? I've been getting different information from everyone I speak to so I'm not sure what to believe anymore!


I'm going to go back to store tomorrow but if anyone has any advice on the get a straight answer/resolution to my problem it would be greatly appreciated! 

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They have only just brought in the requirement for a pass code.

Idiotic thinking as there are a thousand reasons for wanting to get on MyO2 when you have not got a working phone.

This is not O2 and we are all customers here similar to yourself and cannot answer account type queries.
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As we've said many times, not that anyone takes any notice of us.....

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.
Please select the post that helped you best and mark as the solution. This helps other members in resolving their issues faster. Thank you.
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