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Community platform bugs, issues and suggestions

Hey everyone, This topic is a place where we will keep the community updated about the status of any issues or bugs affecting the community platform that we are aware of and have reported. We will keep an up to date tracker of what the issue is, when...

Martin-O2 by Former Staff
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Guide Updates

GUIDE UPDATESRecent discussions HERE about locking guides a week or so after they were posted, resulted in an agreement to have a section where all of us could ask for a guide to be updated if we felt it necessary. So I'll start it off. The first gui...

Cleoriff by Level 94: Supreme
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Apple Watch Data Plan

Why can’t I add a data plan to my Apple Watch Ultra - O2 have said take your watch to Apple as it’s faulty and Apple just laughed!!

Stylo07 by Level 1: Joiner
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No delivery terrible customer service

Ok this is a long rant. But I am desperate for answers so sorry in advance. On June 20th after using nearly all my mobile data allowance in 2 days on Google maps as my car was in the garage and my dad’s that I was borrowing is ancient and has no info...

JoB_314 by Level 1: Joiner
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ios beta 18 RCS Support

Hi I'm on the ios beta 18 that has support for rcs but it doesn't seem to appear as an option on o2. Is it just not supported yet? I saw o2 Germany have enabled it but can't find out if anyone in UK supports it yet. cheers Matt

Consistently bad or no reception/data network

In live in Lewes, East Sussex. O2 claim that 4G and 5G coverage has ‘good’ signal indoor and outdoors. BUT there is almost always very poor or no reception/data coverage AT ALL. This is not a one-off or occasional problem, it is constant and routine....

Jake22 by Level 1: Joiner
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02 customer for over 20 years

Just come to the end of my contract and been told by 02 that my NHS discount is coming to the end too! I was looking to upgrade and was going to stay on sim only till I made up my mind. But seriously 02 I've been a customer for over 20 years. I feel ...

VLS17 by Level 1: Joiner
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Logging in

Why is it so difficult to log in with face id? Why do I need to input a security code each time? This is a waste of my time. Please explain.

2botnot2b by Level 1: Joiner
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Scam call

01268 208026 this number calling saying there o2 and that you have over paid …they have your usual details like name , address, D.O.B, email etc so I thought was legit but then we had an argument when he asked for my password over the phone … just a ...

eSIM swap from old to new phone

Hi I am about to upgrade my iPhone and have a question regarding moving my eSIM over to the new iPhone. Despite searching online I can’t find a definitive answer. Can I do a side by side iPhone transfer or do I need to obtain a new QR code from O2 ? ...

Pangit by Level 1: Joiner
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