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Guide Updates

GUIDE UPDATESRecent discussions HERE about locking guides a week or so after they were posted, resulted in an agreement to have a section where all of us could ask for a guide to be updated if we felt it necessary. So I'll start it off. The first gui...

Cleoriff by Level 94: Supreme
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O2 roaming - speed test results

Thought I might start a thread where people can post their speed test results when roaming, given last summer's debacle. It's been great for me so far.Was at Prague airport on 22 June 2018 and got 82Mbps up / 25 down on O2 CZ.Now in the city centre o...

Gijón, 30 June 2018
GJD by Level 6: Acolyte
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O2 Customer Service/Live Chat positive feedback archive!

Hey everyone, Whilst the O2 Community is a place where members can come to ask for help and raise legitimate complaints we also see a large number of posts where Customer Services, Live Chat or an O2 store has done such a good job that people take th...

Martin-O2 by Community Manager
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Come on O2 - sort it out - Phantom data charges DESPITE data roaming AND mobile data selected OFF!

OK, now come on O2. Let me challenge you to once and for all put an end to this ridiculous state of affairs. I have travelled worldwide for over 25 years so know the ins and outs of using my decive abroad just in case you think I'm a complete mobile ...

RickD by Level 1: Joiner
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O2 extremely poor customer service!

Heres the story,Last July I upgraded online to a 50gb tariff on an Iphone X - at the time there were 2 seperate 50gb tariffs one was a double data 25gb one and one was a standard 50gb tariff. The difference between the two was the latter was part of ...

Customer Retention

I have been with O2 for well over 10 years. I have recently had a PAYG sim because I was living in another country. I'm now back in the UK and ready to sign another monthly contract. I see online everywhere that when you are renewing your contract yo...

Apple Watch No Roaming

Why is it that o2 could have taken the Vodafone route with Apple Watch where roaming in Europe is included but instead they decided to take the EE route where roaming does not work ?if your customers wanted this lack of facility, they wouldnt have wa...

VengasUK by Level 1: Joiner
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New look Community forum

Well that was a mild shock this morning when I logged into the forum. Its all a bit different! Just finding my way around it but I do have just one comment. It does not seem as simple as it used to be to see the latest posts you have to dig around a ...

jezza1234 by Level 12: Nimble
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What is the latest on Delivery Reports?

Hi All Very happy O2 PAYG customer who just ported number across, I have had my number for a lot of years and moved through a lot of networks, the village I live in just built nice new mast so I enjoy FULL indoor coverage. The only thing on O2 is why...

AztecUK by Level 3: Thinker
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Huawei and o2

With the ongoing trouble that everyone is having with Donald trump and Huawei and my new £700 phone now being worth £75 from o2 trade in, will o2 be giving everyone new phones? Or paying off our contracts? I feel like I'm getting scammed by o2 as the...

Aaron2 by Level 1: Joiner
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VoIP - will this ever come back?

I'm feeling green with envy that Voda customers can both make and receive calls through their Alexa devices. It's honestly enough to swing my upcoming contract renewal, with Tu and Ask gone. I know this is a customer forum, but if anyone from o2 is r...

a_hcir by Level 5: Ponderer
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Apple Watch 4

Who else agrees with me that this is an insane move by o2, to not provide a service for the Apple Watch series 4?I have five contracts out with o2, all on a twenty-four month basis, consisting of an iPhone X, a Samsung galaxy S9, a WiFi box, and two ...

Franklinz by Level 1: Joiner
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