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What security features does O2 offer to protect against port-out scams?

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Hi! slight_smile


It's my first time in this 'community forum'. And my first impressions are:  what a totally appalling forum system/ website this is. Wake up, O2, this is the twenty-first century, you know!


Onward, to the purpose of my visit:


I've just read .


It explained about 'port-out scams', and suggested I contact my provider to see what security features they offer to protect against these.


I've searched the minimal information available on this site. The security advice I've been able to find here is generic and, honestly, full of pretty useless platitudes that seem to be aimed at those who haven't yet learned not to use the same password everywhere.


I did try the 'AI assistant'. But not for long. Give it some time and it might evolve into something with the intelligence of a slug.


Then I looked for an email address to compose a civil question. Couldn't find one. I did find a snail mail address. Seriously? No customer support by email? What planet is O2 living on?


And as you can perhaps imagine, by the time I got to this forum I was not in the best frame of mind.


Sorry for the rant. I've calmed down a bit, now.


If you know whether O2 offers anything to protect against port-out scams, I'd love to hear from you.


Have a lovely evening!

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I'll ask @O2Waqas for advice on this......

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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The only protection with port out scams is to put a two step pin number on your account

As for store staff, they would require photo id and proof of address before any info or any number transfer can be actioned

A PAC request cannot be done instore and would have to be actioned either from the original sim or via customer service, hence the two step authentication

As a rule you would have to set this up, it isn't something O2 or any network does as standard

Finally, that is a US based website and this type of scam is much more prevalent that side of the Atlantic

If you do feel worried, just imagine how many easier ways that scammers get hold of personal data

There is always Signal.....wink


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@yrtnadneP This is a customer community, and we agree with much of what you've said, so your rant is misplaced. If you have a complaint, go to this link: How to Complain | Help | O2


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I love howtogeek, and their annual recycling of articles.


Email support is back in the 2000's and has been replaced by live chat and AI, unfortuntely this is the way that everything is going and is going to get more and more common place.


And id rather not use Email for support, as its too slow, and data intensive.


SMS is no more secure than email the weak part of the whole communication is the users device and people installing apps that are insecure and contain malware, just because its on the App Store's doesn't mean its safe and not sending your personal data back to the App Developers, yet people blindly accept whatever permissions that the application asks for, why does a game need to be able to send and read your SMS??  


Banks and Financial institutions have already been told that SMS is not a secure messaging service, and shouldn't be used for OTP's


SmartPhones are the new attack vectors for hackers and scammers. 


With regards to Port-Out scams, o2 as @jonsie has said have measure in place, some are publicly known others will not be, and o2 will not share these with you. 


Security is more about user education nowadays, and educating to look out for the tell tail signs of a scam such as recieving requests by sms or whatsapp fot payment or providing bank account details from numbers or people you don't know.. 

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We are all customers and dont have access to any o2 accounts

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O2 Support
O2 Support
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@MI5Thank you for the tag


@yrtnadneP We do have security measures in place to prevent port out scams as @jonsie and @madasaf1sh have mentioned. If there is anything else you need assistance with, you're welcome to send me a private message and we will assist





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