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Unsolicited bills

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Has anyone had problems with the following companies?

- My Media Games

- Taptronic/Fitguru

- Net Real Solutions

- Or any company who has claimed that you have subscribed to something that you did not


If you don't remember subscribing onto anything it means you didn't! The companies are ripping people off and getting away with it. When you receive a billing message to say you subscribed to an app for games or something else and you do not remember seeing anything it is because they are subscribing you by stealth. I have seen complaints on the internet naming the above and other scammers. I have a petition on the go with about this. Please pass on all your experiences with these people, we need to stop it as they are technically stealing our money. These companies know that O2 and its rivals will compensate its customers if no real complaint is made because these companies will not return your money.


In answer to the question "Are you sure you didn't accidently click onto something?", the answer is NO. I had this problem with the three companies above. My Media Games have harassed me by sending billing messages weeks after they billed me the first time even though I have barred all third party billing, because I kept emailing them for answers.


Ensure O2 bar all third party bills, this will stop any theiving from your account. 

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For others reading this @Scammers they can ask O2 to place the following bars on their accounts

  • Bar all Direct to Bill Debits
  • Premium Bar (calls to premium numbers, 090, 070 etc.)

Another website offering help is

*The Game Is On*

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The annoying thing, quite apart from the rip-off scum, is that the networks could follow the lead of EE by introducing 2-step authorization which would put these companies out of business overnight. But of course they are putting their own profits ahead of their customers' wellbeing.

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Dear All,


Great responses! Many thanks for your inputs.


Jonsie - your comments about the 2-step system is new to me and I think the other providers should do the same. I will add this to my petition! 


My petition is 'Ban the scam'


You can read more and sign the petition here:

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 The regulator (PSA) has fined Taptronic £1,250,000 in respect of the Fitguru "service" (but it is unlikely ever to be paid!). Taptronic have also been ordered to issue refunds, so if you failed to obtain a refund you should now try again. If there was any justice, O2 should also have faced a fine for their continued participation in the scam, but PSA lack the power to sanction the MNOs. O2 will have taken at least 20% of the fraudulent "subscriptions", but will face no action and will be allowed to keep their ill-gotten gains!

The regulator discovered that malware was responsible for many of the fraudulent subscriptions. Indeed, one of their test phones became "subscribed" while locked and idle!


Screenshot 2021-09-08 18.26.36.png O2's continued involvement in this scam for years after it was first brought to their attention is disgraceful.

Phone payment scam? Need independent advice? Payforit Faq for O2 Customers
Help put a stop to these scams. Join our Facebook Group
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