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Thought I'd bricked phone after plugging it into a mains charger...

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I have a Poco F3, bought direct from Xiaomi (obviously running an O2 SIM) and it's been brilliant.


The only time it went a bit wrong, was whilst it was plugged into a mains charger (not the one included) away from home - it was connected to a conventional plug that had additional sockets for USB-A and C, the latter of which I used.  I don't know how much juice that port put out, it was charging *really* fast when I left it but came back to a black screen.  No button mashing would help and I was a bit distraught TBH 😞


Took it off charge and left it for a bit.  Pressed buttons later and the Xiaomi emblem, words Fastboot and mascot appeared (but didn't do anything).  Again, no button mashing achieved anything and I was close to despair..


Came back later yet again, and this time the darn thing had booted up and appeared to be completely functional!  I can only surmise it was something to do with the charging?   Was an 'Apple' look-alike USB-C to USB-C short cable.


Did some googling and searching forums but not come to any definitive conclusion about the cause of the 'Black Screen of Death' so it's made me wary of 3-pin Mains plugs with built-in USB ports.


Has anyone had a similar experience?

Should I be wary of those things now?!

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As said, some chargers will charge the device faster than a conventional USB connection, as long as the charger is by the original manufacturer and the correct one for that specific device then all should be fine.

Fast generic chargers can damage or shorten battery life if the battery is charged too quickly.

Mains to USB adaptors sockets should always be fine and cause no damage, or adversely effect battery life, as the voltage output is the same as a standard USB port (Just be sure to purchase one from a trusted source) 

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Found out with Ampere app, that the non-standard charger in question was putting out *way* less than my stock one at home!


So I may be on a wild goose chase and barking up the wrong tree  😄


Could've been a coincidence that BSOD occurred at that point.  I remember the phone wasn't even warm (as it sometimes gets when playing a graphically intensive game for example)...  🤔

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