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Signal strength

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Hi All .

unfortunately it seam i am only here to complain 😞


I have had a niggling problem for a long time Signal strength network team has had a few tickets and have made no real difference , so i got fed up today after i found i missed a important call because i only get a 1 bar signal inside my house , only 2 or 3 outside 😞 .

so i decided to try a Guru Chat Drum  eventually after trying all basic checks , which i have done lots of times before , i got passed to the Network team Dance

Did checks again ,removed sim , reset all network settings on my LG K520 set all to defaults restared phone set it to 2g only ,,,,, Hay ho it works perfect 100% signal Cheers

go back to 4G 😞    signal lost , GURU says well you will have to use 2G inside house then swap to 4G outside Crazy Crazy   What are you for real ?

  then he says

by settings to your phone to 2g  which seems to be working alright indoors will help your make calls indoors in our terms and conditions we have made it very clear we do not guarantee coverage indoors


previously i have been told from the network team a signal booster had been fitted to my nearest mast   Guru the left the chat   " is there any other thing I can do for you today"


So what can i do  ?  stick to 2G or use 4G with minimal signal , but what the point of having 4G if it dont work


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not what you want to hear but i did this guide to add now on certain handsets wifi calling is an option if you have wifi

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The big problem is that signal will vary depending on obstruction, house material, insulation etc and no network will guarantee you signal indoors. 

Me? I want to use a phone and tariff to its full capability and easy for me to say but I would be looking at paying any termination fees and finding a network that provides what I need. 

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Yes you have been given the correct info from the guru.
Indoor signal cannot be guaranteed due to varying building construction etc so use 2g indoors for mobile signal and wifi for data.
Lots of us have to do the same so you aren't unique.
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Not applicable

There is also the option of TU

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