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Sensible data allowance for pre-teen daughter?

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Hi. Could anyone tell me please how much is sensible data to have for a 13 year old daughter?

I have no idea about data usage and the right “bolt” to add?


She uses Instagram sensibly, stream some music videos and the odd film or episode from Netflix but I really don’t regard her a heavy user and I keep an eye on what she is up.


I just don’t want to exceed allowance of 500MB and incur in surprise mega charges which we did some months ago due switching mobile gadgets and not turning off cellular data... when is good to switch this on and off? Is there anything else to look for?


Thank you, Lorena

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Hi @Lorena

Probably 1GB -2GB?


However the best lesson of all, is teaching her to use WiFi wherever it's available.  No shame in asking any of her friends for their WiFi password when she is at their house.

It seems to be common practice with young people nowadays.

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My 16 year old uses 30gb a month, just to give you an idea.
However, as long as you make sure she is on a standard consumer tariff (NOT business) her data will just stop when she runs out, there will not be any additional charges.
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Hi @Lorena

In addition to the above, I can recommend to have a browse on the NSPCC pages here that gives some advice around keeping kids safe online. slight_smile

There's also a recent topic here with some tips on making your data allowance last that might be of some help too.

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