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Poor customer service

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As a O2 customer for over a decade I find the following appalling: 1) 30 minute wait to speak to someone yet if you pretend to be a new customer the phone is answered almost immediately 2) Data that I do not use is not carried over monthly, run out yesterday leaving me helpless today 3) advised to go to O2 store to resolve problems- no account for customers being busy and not having time to do so (heaven forbid that 02 staff take the time to help customers over the phone! 4) live like to “customer support” too busy to accept messages! Pleas try again later!!

goodbye 02 you have lost my custom I will be requiring a PUK code tomorrow….. if I can actually speak to someone! Hang your head in shame!!

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1. 30 minute wait is nothing new in any Customer Services department nowadays , and sales lines are always answered quickly as there is less call nowadays for people to place orders over the phone.

2.  Data hasn't rolled over on pay monthly contracts for a while now, its your responsibilty to make sure you have enough details 

3. Stores will 90% of the time tell your to ring customer services. 

4. Live chat only has x amout of agents as has the call centres, so to save you waiting they say too busy, please try waiting

5. To get a PAC code, you can get that by logging into myo2 or texting PAC to 65075, you dont need to speak to anyone.. 


What you are asking for is something that you only get as an enterprise customer, and trust me you pay handsomely for that privilige


I dont think o2 have anything to hang their head in shame for, its just demand is outstripping supply.. would you work in a call centre fror £9.50 p/h to take abuse off a lot of customers??? 

Good luck on your new network,

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