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OnePlus 8/8 Pro and 5G on O2?

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I know O2 don't stock/sell OnePlus devices anymore (including the new OP8/OP8P), but since this is the phone I'm planning on getting I'm wondering if O2's 5G will work on it? Some reports over ath OnePlus' forums indicate it isn't working - yet; if so, can we expect it to work at some point once O2 has had a chance of approving the device?


From what I can see there are no technical reasons the phone can't work on O2 5G (on the 3500MHz freqency / n78 band).

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I think the chances of this happening is highly unlikely as it seems OnePlus have no interest in supporting O2 at all.

The 8T Pro at this moment is only rumoured, as OnePlus are more interested in the Nord at the moment, and the company that owns OnePlus, are more interested in Oppo devices from what i can see...

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I've just got a 5g SIM from O2 and can confirm my OnePlus 8 Pro connected to 5g! Speed test wasn't great but a lot better than I used to get on 4g in the same location. Oxygen OS
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Excellent news, @Liammurphy!

My OnePlus 6T was replaced with a Pixel 4a at the start of this year, partly because 5G is nowhere near where I live yet, nor will it be in the next 12-18 months as far as I can tell, and because of the uncertainty around how newer OnePlus 5G phones would work with O2 5G generally.

I hope your OnePlus gives you a decent amount of 5G service over the duration of your contract term - they are a great, if now more pricey, spec of phone.


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Yep, unfortunately no longer the bargain they once were and intend to keep my 6 for longer for that reason alone.
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