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O2 dreadful at repairing network 6 wks!!

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Hello all just a quick update network around NN17 3AT north Northamptonshire is finally repaired after 6 weeks!!


I have never met such an arrogant in helpful company in my life! I have spent hours on the phone, web chat And apps all to no avail for  6 weeks they just don't care


When I spoke O2 they were not able to provide information and I was told they could not contact the team that carries out repairs. They could tell me how long and I would just have to wait! As this was an " unplanned" outage!! I would call it a breakdown! 

O2 force you to only speak to who they want and refuse to give contact details to escalate this. Finally tell you only the Ombudsman can intervene and O2 can't do anymore!! . Utter rubbish!!

So I did contact the Ombudsman and because I had done when I finally thanks, to a member of O 2 community, get the CEO email and wrote to him I had a email from the original guy in the complaint dept I had already dealt with!!! Was told they could do nothing because I  had contacted Ombudsman!!! O2 forced me down this route knowing that realistically they can do nothing!! Therby buying more time.Just wasting everyone's time!


I was gobsmacked that realistically all this was about is repairing a faulty phone mast! Or was it?? Me being sinical, you need a new phone say O2, it's old, must be the problem!!, but you can't stay in your existing airtime deal!! Guess what my phone worked fine everywhere else!!! And now the network is up and running again it works in my village too!!!


  • Yet again fobbed off!! I was so dismayed and annoyed I decided to contact the Express newspaper- They were very interested and after an email contacted me within minutes !  They thought it was terrible!! I hope they expose O2 for what they are!! The Express team were contacting O2 yesterday .


Hooray!!!! When I returned home the network was fixed!! Coincidence or what!!


I have never ever known anything like it!!!  6 weeks . I've heard all the excuses and nonsense under the sun!!

Why would anyone want to use O2????

Just the most arrogant company!  The staff must read from scripts and would rather justify NOT repaired the network when it is down than actually organise doing it!!!

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What a nightmare. Small consolation that that the mast has been fixed because I'm guessing this hole situation has left such a sour taste that you may be thinking about leaving the network.


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