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O2 Recycle is a Joke

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Im trying to get out of my contract after they raised the prices a stupid amount and the signal is always terrible. 

I have a note20 ultra 5G (which was apparently £1150 when i brought it not even 2 years ago) but they're offering me £160ish, they really treat their customers like mugs and give them a free sausage roll every now and then to keep them happy!

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Is that £160 after costs for remainder of the term on your contract?  These are on sale refurbished for about £530

As crazy as it sounds £160 does not sound that bad for a phone that they may not be able to resell on for much after refurbishing plus the buy out of your remainder contract (not knowing what that is)


Could you get more on ebay or other such site and buy out the rest of your contract?


if it were me selling on my £1000+ phone I would probably be less relaxed with my answer 😉

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How much did you expect to get for a phone that is 2 generations old??


When i go onto o2 recycle I get £262.50 


Its called supply and demand and the fact phones lose a lot of value after 18 months, added to the fact that Samsung have just released a new device.. 
Why not use Music Magpie or CEX - Music Magpie around £300  CEX around £260


Oh and just so you know BT/EE have increased their prices  by over 9% and Sky Mobile over 10%

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We are all customers and dont have access to any o2 accounts

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