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My son has an Apple 12 and he never has a signal.  

We got the phone to keep checks on him coming and going from high school but this area seems to be a dead zone for O2 (SK9), even though they say the signal should be fine.  We have swapped the sim and no change.  I asked for the contract to be terminated but we are too far into it and would get charged.    We didn't know there was an issue for 8 months due to him being at home due to lock down, now I feel like I'm paying for nothing.  It only works when he is at home on Wifi, which of course is no good.   I have now spoke to others who also say they have issues with O2 in this area,  If this is the case it should be on the coverage checker.   Very annoyed.

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All coverage checkers are, are computer simulations of coverage from a mast / masts in that post code area, and you should always check coverage yourself with a pay as you go sim card. 

Mobile phone signal is not guaranteed in all locations either. 

Use the my o2 network app to report problems in the area...

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