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Ignore as just a rant

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I hope somebody higher up gets to read this but I doubt it. And please don't waste your time replying as I'm about to purchase a new iPhone from another supplier and get a new phone number.

Maybe people who have had a similar shoddy service from O2 can add to this post until it becomes so large that management have to take notice!


So the scenario is this.

Phone smashed screen. Never bothered with a landline. Live alone. No other sim devices.

O2, you need to change your protocols under current covid climes to adjust for this scenario!

I found a better deal with Vodaphone but needed a pac code. You will only send it out by text to a phone (with an unreadable screen)! Your customer support chat can't help!
So I bite the bullet and decide I'll have to stay with O2. Choose the upgrade option. Just before paying, you tell me you have to send out a verification code by text (to an unreadable screen)! Your customer support chat can't help!

Finally after complaining I get through to somebody who is willing to send an email to me! I answer 6 security questions down to the nth degree. THEN. Even though my email address shows on my O2 online account as ****** (and I receive emails from O2 every month to this email address), the girl on the end of the phone insists their system shows it as *****.com!!!!! Can I change it? Yes, but we need to send out a code to your mobile!!! ***!!!!!!!!!!

Final suggestion..................can I visit neighbours to find somebody with an iPhone so I can swap over my sim card...............during tier 4 covid.

You couldn't make it up!

O2......................I've just purchased an iPhone 12 Max Pro and Apple Watch from somebody else. That's £1500 lost. And a further £1500 when my daughter upgrades her setup later in the year. That's quite a business model you've got going there................................!!

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