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I've joined O2! What a mistake! Now I'm stuck with it

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Since I've joined O2 it's been a mixed bag.  Have to say,  product delivered next day,  activated next day,  great service at O2 Staines. Unfortunately it all went downhill after that.  Recycled number logged me in to someone else's account, had to get a new number,  still waiting for volt upgrades (MORE THAN 2 WEEKS) after numerous phone calls, O2 app is ****. Lots of generic answers to questions people don't need answers to but no links to anything worthwhile.  It's like they do everything to to stop us contacting them because it's too much hassle. Overall,  if you're with EE, stick with it.  

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Unless the EE signal is lacking where you live and work, @BSMagnet.

Guide: Registering on the Forum - where you can find answers to most of your mobile issues, written by and for Community Members, customers like yourself.

Had you checked here first, you'd know all about O2's Recycle service - the gritty truth about how to trade in your old phone and where - clue? Somewhere else.

As for Volt, yes, that requires patience and a good long read of this: - pay attention to @Chris_K, our person on the inside - much appreciated and in high demand, and on O2 Social Media daily.

Welcome to O2, and perhaps to Volt real soon now 😉


Who ya gonna call? O2 Social Media (Twitter | Facebook | Instagram)


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I share this person's pain.


I was new to O2 and had major problems that even O2 Cust Service couldnt resolve in lengthy calls. I couldnt resgister my email address. They went through everything, multiple password resets etc. and the system still said it didn't match.


I had to go away and change my Virgin Media to another email address and then sign up again at O2 using same email address as during the early days of VOLT, it was thought you needed the same email addresses for both as well as address and account holder.


Then I had a 22 day wait for VOLT to apply, with Social Media team saying to wait another 14 days when I asked at Day 10.


Then the three transmitters  I would likely be using had and still have issues with pathetic data speeds. One is 120 miles away in a rural location but not far away from a city centre.


Billing is wrong this month. A £10 tariff is £10.01 despite no extra charges on anything. You work it out!??! Its only 1p, but the billing system should be accurate!


And logging into the web site on various devices can be an issue with bits missing, and having to do a reset of cookies to resolve. (Windows Defender on machine and not the cause before people say Antivirus).


One good thing; O2 let you upgrade to a better uswitch deal even if only a month in a contract so I bagged an extra 10GB of data on a tariff change (but same price point).


On the new tariff change, O2 were better this time at 7 days and VOLT re-applied.


Im OK with the service now VOLT has applied and pray they fix the 3 O2 transmitters, but can honestly say in 25 years of being with other operators, this was the most aggro as I normally never have to contact Cust Services other than to cancel in the old days when an SMS couldn't do it....

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