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I am being charged even though I have closed the account

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Closing an O2 Account is very very painful and unreliable. I called O2 and asked them to shut down my account about six months ago. However O2 have continued to charge me via my direct debit until now. I have stopped using my SIM for more than six months now ... it is completely unused.

I called (waited for 30 minutes before someone picked up) to find out and they said they don't have any record of my request to close the account. Which is ridiculous. 

I requested them once again to close it and they say they have done it. But then there is no email confirmation, account closure request number or any sort of evidence about my request to close my account. They will close after 30 days and I have to just hope they do it properly and on time. My only reference is the time when I called and the name of the agent I spoke to.



And they don't accept account closure requests on email. They insist I must call. And it is really painful to be on the line for a minimum thirty minutes before some agent picks up your call.


I have been an O2 customer for many years and have had various customer service issues. But this one is really horrible. I have been robbed of six months of  charges and I have now closed my direct debit. To which I am getting threatening letters about credit agencies and debt recovery and rubbish.


I have raised a formal complain to O2 and they will respond in 7 days. O2 sucks..... the most disgusting customer service ever.



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Anything in here help?

Guide: Cancelling Your Contract 

This is not O2 and we are all customers here similar to yourself and cannot answer account type queries.
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Best way to close an account is using a PAC or STAC (PAC moves the number to your new supplier, STAC cancels the old and you keep the new number) @ManishG 

Please note, this is not customer services and we cannot access your account. Do not publish personal details (email, phone number, bank account).

Link to our guide on how to contact them can be found here

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