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Had enough of 02

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Recieved a text from 02 today, telling me i have to pay 26.93 extra for roaming, so got on to chat, why are you charging me this, Chat, because you have gone over our fair use policy, how, my phones are for my business, out of 90 gig data, still have 89.5 left, on the unlimited calls and texts, 1 maybe 2 calls, no texts, chat, but your abroad, yes i travel for my business, chat, so you have to pay the extra, really, chat yes, ok, close the account,

Paid of device, 1account closed, my other account will be closed as soon as i get back, unbelievable how you treat your customers, no help nothing. 

I expected better, just shows how much you value your customers.

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Sorry to hear of your experience with O2 while roaming, @Paul-H - the terms O2 apply to this activity are quite strict and are here:

You may find other UK networks similarly apply such rules. You may be better off with a dual-sim phone containing your UK SIM and a sim for the country you most frequently travel to/stay in for the bulk of your journey. Business tariffs may be more expensive but less restrictive, as another option to investigate.

Good luck!


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