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Disastrous O2 customer service!

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I’ve been having the worst stressful experience with O2 the past 3 months and im desperate for help! 3 months ago I noticed I was paying full price for my contract which I fully paid off prior to last Christmas so I wanted to open up a sim only pay monthly plan and shut down my current contract. So I rung O2 and was told I needed to open up a new account with a new email address then cancel the old one when I received my new sim. So that’s what I did! 2 weeks later still no SIM card had arrived so I rung back, was told I had to just keep waiting. So I did. Another week later I ring and said I still don’t have a SIM so they said they hadn’t sent one out which was their mistake but they would send one out to me asap. I received my SIM so I rung back and was told I had to wait up to 48 hours for my sim to activate so I kept waiting. I rung back after a week due to nothing working still and was told I have to wait longer. I rung back another week later and was told I had to have a “change of ownership” form submitted after being wrongly led to believe I had to open up a completely new account. So they submitted one and was told to wait up to 5 working days before it had gone through. So I rung back a week later. I was at first put on hold by a client for 30 mins just to have the phone put down on me when she realised I was still on the line! So I rung back AGAIN and was told I had to just keep waiting! Another week later I rung back and was told they couldn’t do anything due to getting a “system error” when trying to submit ANOTHER change of ownership form which they couldn’t complete themselves due to it being the wrong department but I was assured everything would be sorted and I would have a callback to complete the process within 5 working days.  I had to wait another week. I rung back in another week or so time and was told this time I had to wait until my PAC code had expired (30 days) before they could process my change of ownership form even though I had got my PAC code almost 2 months prior. I rung back at a later date and was told this matter had been raised to higher management and assured ONCE AGAIN that my claim would be sorted and I was going to receive a callback at some stage to complete my process. I’m sat here 2 weeks later and still nothing has been done. I have 8.5 hours recorded phone calls with O2 customer service over the past 3 months. I’m constantly having my time wasted and on top of that I have over £250 contract payments over the past 3 months due to paying 2 contracts at once!!!! I’m sick to death of it and I need help could anyone point me in the right direction of how to resolve this matter? Thanks 

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Unfortunately, this is a customer to customer community so we cannot access your account or take direct action on your behalf. 


You need to contact O2 again and I suggest that you message them on social media :-


Facebook :


X (previously known as Twitter) :


Instagram :


The social media team are based in the UK and have a good record for solving customer problems. You might need to send them a reminder or two, and it usually takes 48 hours or so before they engage with a customer. 


A complete schedule of how to contact O2 is in :-


Guide: How to find help & contact O2 


If the social media team do not resolve your issue, please post again and we can take you through the complaints' procedure But it would be premature to complain at this stage and might even delay resolution of your issue. 👍  

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