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Credit file help!

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I have a family plan with O2 & have been a customer for 23 years, there are 6 lines on my account. 

I started getting txts about a missed payment, but when I logged into my app I couldn't see anything as overdue, so thought maybe was a mistake. I got another txt & rang O2 to be told they couldn't find any payment missed. Txts continued, rang again, nothing in app, put through to 4 different departments, 1 which found after much digging that 1 device plan had become 'delinked' from my bank account. I did not do this & immediately paid over the phone the £19.40 for the 2 missed payments & set up the DD with them. O2 said they do not know how delink happened. Anyway, they have now reported the 2 payments as missed to the credit agencies destroying my credit file!! My score has dropped by over 200 points. I was about to take credit for a new car for my daughter 18th birthday & now am unsure if this will be accepted. I've tried contacting & writing to O2 by post & email, any advice please to see if I can get O2 to remove these as I don't feel it is my fault? I never delinked anything or cancelled any DD. TIA

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The amendments team can be contacted thus.

The email address is

Or you can write or fax them:

Credit File Referrals Team

Suite P

Arlington Business Centre


LS11 0NE

Fax 0113 2025865

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