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Cannot access O2 account and O2 app for more than a month

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O2 customer service is terrible. I am blind without access to my contracts and I am not able to do anything regarding my plans.

Suddenly my account got blank and my 7 plans were disappeared.That happened more than a month ago.

I have contacted customer service and I was told to be patient and I will receive txt and letter that will guide me to adjust to the new systems. I waited a couple of weeks and when inreceived the info I tried to registered but DISASTER!!The system doesn't accept my email as it is already registered (to an account that is now blank) and when I tried to change the email I was asked to submit a contact number which I did ,but still the message was that it registered to an existing account.

I contacted again customer service and the story goes short that a case was opened so someone can contact me with an update within 10 days.Nothing happened!!

I contacted again last Thursday 202 and another representative told me that will solve everything....advised to deregister after 48 hours and everything will be back to normal....Guess what...tried to registe 96h later ...same problem!!

If you don't call that useless then what!!

Same story with O2 app which I deleted and downloaded again...same with my cookies.

One step before making another complain...O2 is not like it used to be.

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@Kostas - O2 have messed up a system update which is affecting thousands of customers.

1) You can use alternative email to gain accessor set one up eg in Gmail. Give this to O2.

2) Or you can also request the original email to be released from the original account, and this can then be added to the migrated 360 account (this can take up to 28 days, however should be done sooner) 

This is a customer to customer community, not O2, so we cannot access your account, sorry.

You need to contact O2.

Message them on Social Media. Facebook ( , Twitter (X) ( or Instagram ( 

Other ways to call them here: Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

Good luck.

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I suggest that you follow the advice of @pgn but do not register a formal complaint.


O2 are currently taking up to eight weeks to investigate and respond to complaints. During that period, other teams will be either unable or unwilling to engage with you. Hence, for an issue of this nature, submitting a complaint is likely to significantly delay resolution. 


Contacting O2 via social media, as advocated by @pgn, is undoubtedly the best route to take. 👍    

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