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Appalling customer service once again o2.  Have tried to pay my bill at least 10 times online only to be told the payment did not go through and on one occasion it said the payment is pending and to log back on later to check.  Have now called to make payment, but it is still showing as unpaid hours later. Have called customer service a number of times today only to be cut off or for the automated service to mess up and not allow me to get through. Here I am once again in another queue on the end of the phone as I type, which will no doubt be terminated before I have even started the call.  I have used the help section for remote support which just tells me to contact o2 via he phone.  I would really like some assistance with this issue and for my services to be resumed within the 10 minute time frame you have stated.


Incredibly frustrating & I sincerely hope any late payment fees are reimbursed & my credit report is updated.  

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This is NOT customer services, and no one here can unsuspend your services.


If your payment is late, it will take upto 48 hours for them to be restored, and o2 can refuse to reconnect you, if you have multiple late payments and delinquency on the account. 

They do say to pay your bill by Direct Debit to prevent these issues. 


You can call o2 on 0800 902 0217 which is the Payment Management Team, and they can advise.

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This is not customer services and we dont have access to your account
I do not work for o2 or any VMo2 /Telefonica/Liberty Global Company
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