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Appalling customer service - O2 barred replacement phone instead of the stolen one

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Past two weeks I have been trying to get a very simple thing from O2: to bar my stolen phone's IMEI and provide a proof of barring & usage for the insurance. Following long hours on the phone with customer service, they finally barred my phone yesterday (20/06) BUT NOT THE STOLEN one, although I gave them stolen’s phone IMEI 3-4 times and NEVER the one I am using now. At this stage I’m left even without a replacement phone and forced to travel to the store.


I went to the store in Greenwich - they were not helpful at all, they were calling customer service same as I did previously. Additionally they did not even seem to be interested in helping me, although I am clearly left without any phone whatsoever only because of O2.


Customer service promised to unbar my phone within 24 hours, however I do not believe a single word they say anymore. Please can someone advise what do I need to do to make sure they bar the stolen phone, unbar the phone I am using now and provide correct documents, so I can proceed with my insurance claim?  It seems to be quite ridiculous at this point as I have been an O2 customer for 10+years, I have been paying tech insurance for 3 years and now because of the appalling O2 customer service I cannot claim insurance for the stolen phone?! It's starting to feel that it might require legal action.


If O2 had a better service and more reliable people in team, my insurance would already be processing the claim I would have a replacement phone in the meantime and everything would be fine.


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Unfortunately, you need to contact O2 again. This is a customer to customer community so we cannot access your account or provide other direct help.


I suggest that you message O2 on social media :-


Facebook :


X (previously known as Twitter) :


Instagram :


The social media team are based in the UK and have a strong reputation for solving problems. 


O2 do have a complaints' procedure. However, I suggest that you do not escalate your issue yet. There a currently delays of up to eight weeks whilst O2 investigate and respond to complaints and, during that time, other O2 teams will either be unable or unwilling to engage with you. I also believe that it is hugely premature to be contemplating legal action.


If the social media team to not resolve matters, please post again and I will direct you to some information about complaints.   


A complete schedule of how to contact O2 is in :-


Guide: How to find help & contact O2 


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