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Agents that have strong non English accents

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Really upsetting your agent speaks with a strong foreign accent and kept me talking two hours 53 minutes a sales voice call . I fear I may be charged by the minute as I think I made the call to get a puk code in and transfer from virgin to 02 migration due.  Terrible when they force me to understand Agent I told him I.hace two hearing aids and cannot hear well over telephones . Feeling upset aabd worn out and feel bullied over the phone . I cannot understand fast takers with foreign accents .help I feel victimised and if 55 pence a minute for two hours 53 minutes then I hung up stressed out as he thinks I can understand his fast talking I can't.  Plus I dont know what else he's charged or sold to me taking gross advantage if my disability deafness 

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You can get your PUK here Unblock your mobile device | Phones sims and devices | Help | O2

If you called 202 or 0344 809 0202 the calls come from your allowances.

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