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02 family and friend discount

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Right so my problem is i've been a customer for a long time and I have always had 12 month contracts and you could imagine the money i've spent so last year I dropped down 3 of my contracts to twenty pounds a month simplitcy then i wait for the iphone 5 to go on 12 month contracts which did not happen but 24 months contract i would pay more money so i asked my cousin who works with 02 to give me family and friends discount.. so one of my numbers has worked which it was number i didnt upgrade! the other hasn't and 02 didn't have a 16gb iphone 5 told me to go carphone warehouse and do it as its the same thing and they told me they can't apply it for this one at all??? i fought this must be a joke right i spend all that money for years and a loyal customer and i mean loyal customer so when i want a discount you lie to me and wouldn't apply the discount.. i am so dissatisifed with 02 i am clearly going to leave them i'm also a student so i asked to get the £50 off at least of my bill they rejected that too telling me its carphone warehouses problem go their! I hate you 02 u take the piss

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Re: 02 family and friend discount

Hi zed13 - sorry to hear about the trouble with the discounts. Perhaps you could text DISCOUNT to 2020 on each of the phones you require a discount on to see if that applies it?


The only problem is, as you touched on, the friends and family discount can't be  added to any contracts taken out with 3rd parties such as P4U or CPW. These companies can offer their own perks and credits for choosing them and as such the O2 f&f discount is for contracts and upgrades through O2 directly.


I understand the iPhone 5 costs a lot of money and any discount would be good for you. If you are within your first 7 days you can return the handset to CPW and take it out in an O2 store and then the discount can be applied?

I do work for O2, however, anything I say here is my own view and does not represent that of Telefónica.