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iPhone 6s on Friends and Family

Hi all,


Is it possible to get the iPhone 6s on Friends and Family discount? I have a iPhone 5 which is now out of contract but still has F&F discount applied to the airtime. I want to roll this over to a new iPhone 6s. Happy to take a new tariff so long as the discount can be applied. 


If iPhone 6s is applicable for F&F, can I upgrade this online or do I have to goto store?



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Re: iPhone 6s on Friends and Family

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No I'm sorry the Open discount and FF wont be available for 6 months on the iPhone 6S

FAQ's here https://o2open.co.uk/O2Open/servlets/ShowFAQ

Help link here


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Re: iPhone 6s on Friends and Family

Neither can you roll over friends and family. It has to be applied for again by the employee.
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Re: iPhone 6s on Friends and Family

Thank you both for the reply. I have gone and gotten a SIM free iPhone 6s now, just need to decide if I stay on a O2 plan or head over to Giffgaff now Smiley Happy
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Re: iPhone 6s on Friends and Family

Have a look at the sim only options. There are some decent offers at the moment.