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Wrong MAC address received by router.


I just tried to add my new IPhone to my Wi-Fi and I read the expected Mac Address from the
Settings:->About:-> General :->Wi-Fi Address.

I white listed it on my router and tried to connect it.
It would not connect. So I temporarily disabled the white list to see if I had mistyped the number.

It then connected and as it connected there was a mention that "Your connectoin is insecure it should use AES" or something similar. Everything else I have used uses AES by default.

Not only that but the Mac Address was completely different.

Is there anything I am doing wrong? What could cause this if I am using the right Mac Address?

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Re: Wrong MAC address received by router.


I've noticed that you do get weird security messages with Apple kit on certain wifi networks.

It's nothing to worry about. Just record your actual MAC address and whitelist that on the router settings.

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