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Problem with server or my fault?

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Hey guys,


So this us my first payment for O2 and i have tried to buy the apple airpods pro. The first time i tried to buy it the payment went through but i got no emails or anything so i decided to call customer service. I got the money back and they told ne to wait 24 hours to order again. So the day after i ordered again

but this time at the end of the checkout it said “something went wrong”. But this time the payment went through and i got emails about legal documents and another email saying that my order is still in my basket but if i already ordered it i dont need to do anything. On the website it says next day delivery too so i waited.


the day after nothing happened so i called customer services again but this time they asked for an order number but on the email it didnt show any. So now im very concerned or worried.


any help on what i should do??

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Have you been back on the website as it it sounds like it is part complete, and it hasnt completed. 

You can either wait up to 7 days for the money to go back into your bank account as it will be pending or go back onto the o2 store and see if it is waiting for you to complete.. 

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