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Apple Cancels Their Wireless Charge Pad Project

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Re: Apple Cancels Their Wireless Charge Pad Project

Not a particularly good week for Apple according to the article. I mean why have a big event to showcase a new service and not even be able to give some idea on price, the most important part of any new product showcase I would have thought.


I'd feel sorry for Apple but they always seem to weather these little storms. So I expect they'll not lose too much sleep about this latest 'setback'.

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Re: Apple Cancels Their Wireless Charge Pad Project

It's not been a good month for Apple.


A few days ago they were apologising for the continued problems with the keyboard on their Macbooks



And a little earlier, this report about problems incorporating 5G technology into their phones


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Re: Apple Cancels Their Wireless Charge Pad Project

It's apple it's like for a pair of earpods it's 500 pound for each one I'll read artical now
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Re: Apple Cancels Their Wireless Charge Pad Project

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Not been a great week for Apple really has it (and I’m a huge Apple fanboy most of the time)


The services keynote fell very flat with the most exciting news from that being the Apple Card but that’s only available in the summer and only in the US


Apple News+ is only available in the US for now and unless they can get geographic magazines to come on board in each area is probably going to head the way newsstand did


AppleTV+ we can wait to see what happens but other major players have a HUGE head start in this area


The gaming subscription is interesting depending on pricing and what games come but again services like Xbox, PSN and Origin have a huge head start in this area and google are branching into it too


Though with the AirPower news will all these services come to fruition because Apple seem to like announcing things before they are ready these days and then sitting on things longer than necessary like the 2nd gen AirPods which were clearly ready to go when the last iPhones were announced because the video at that keynote had someone using them


The only good thing to come from Apple this week is ECG on Apple Watch in more areas including the UK