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Adblocker for ios.

A friend of mine has shared this information after seeing many users facing issues with Ios and adverts.


The reviews there basically sum it up very well

After using Adblock plus on my pc to stop those annoying bandwidth hungry adverts we can now integrate content filtering directly within the default safari browser.

1 Download the app to a supported iPhone ipad etc (full list on iTunes store)
2 once installed launch settings > safari > content blocking> then turn on abp wait 10 seconds before returning to home screen
3 ABP has its own settings in the app to block all adverts further restricting what you see (it allows some none intrusive adverts by default)

So far on sites I use like for example 
http://www.metcheck.com/UK/for weather no adverts get through . 

Hope this is of use to those with Ios devices

P.s. it is for 64 bit ios devices only 
There is a complete browser from the makers here for non 64 bit devices 

Thanks to A.T

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Re: Adblocker for ios.

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This should be useful for some users. We had one recently who was having very annoying probems with pop up ads. Having said that I never seem to have this issue with my Android phone. (this isn't a dig at iPhones incidentally ...I am just quoting my own personal experience...)

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Re: Adblocker for ios.

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good post @viridis! A good trick for iPhone users. Question, do you know what specifications are needed for the app to run? I was just trying to get the app from the app store and I got a pop up saying that the app is not compatible with my device. I have an iPhone 5c running iOS 9.2, any idea?

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Re: Adblocker for ios.

I shall pass on your comments to A.