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Wifi calling- android10

Is anyone aware of how to check if you're connected to wifi calling on android10? The option in settings has vanished.

I have a really poor signal with o2 at my house. Outgoing calls I often lose people and obvious I'm not calling on wifi. However incoming calls will be perfect as though they're connected to wifi.
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Re: Wifi calling- android10


A few have reported that a factory reset was required to regain wifi calling after the update.

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Re: Wifi calling- android10

Cheers for the reply.

I actually found the solution online.

Put your phone into flight mode.
Turn on wifi.
Restart the phone (normal restart not a data wipe or anything)
When the phone comes back on it put it into flight mode again and turn wifi on.
Its suddenly showing wifi calling again in status bar and settings under connections.
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Re: Wifi calling- android10

Thanks Piemark85, that worked for me. Well done!

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Re: Wifi calling- android10

I had the smae problem on my work Note9 - Wificalling stopped after hte upgrade to 10.  Other stuff was broken too, so I did a factory reset and everything worked fine once set up again.

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