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S20 Ultra Sim Slot Type?

Hey all,

I’m looking at the S20 Ultra as my upgrade device and have a query.

I use a personal sim and a business sim (both with o2) and I read in the reviews and spec sheets that the Ultra has a hybrid sim slot, that can take a sim and memory card or 2 sims.

However I was caught out previously with a Samsung device which was advertised as dual sim from the network, when delivered it was single sim only and I was told in store that all devices sold by o2 are single sim and the hybrid sim slot isn’t available unless I buy sim free.

Can anyone advise if their Ultra or S20+ came with the hybrid slot? If your box has 2 imei’s then it’s a hybrid sim if you are unsure 😀
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Re: S20 Ultra Sim Slot Type?


That's a question that @Chris_K could answer for you.

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Re: S20 Ultra Sim Slot Type?

@stevenb88 The spec on the O2 page says it's dual sim.
If you have an O2 store nearby you could always go in and see for yourself.


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Re: S20 Ultra Sim Slot Type?

[ Edited ]

The S20 Ultra we're selling definitely supports dual SIM, though currently I'm unclear on if this is physical dual SIM via a hybrid SIM tray (ie, 2 x nano SIM or 1 x nano SIM + 1 x microSD), or dual SIM via a physical SIM and an eSIM. Either way though, the phone absolutely supports dual SIM Smiley Happy

If I can find out for sure around if it's physical dual SIM i'll let you know, or our friendly store staff can double check from their stock if you're near an O2 shop thumbsup

EDIT: Confirmed physical dual SIM. With the hybrid SIM slot tray, you can choose SIM + microSD or SIM + SIM.

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