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Just a bit of info: screen burn in

Just a heads up for those sitting on the fence about do they/ don't they.
Samsung has just replaced the display on my S9 in warranty for burn in.

I was advised to go to my nearest Samsung experience store, where they took the device and booked it in for the repair.
They will not do it under warranty if the device has damage.
The burn in repair requires authorisation from Samsung so can take 24hours.
Part of the process involves replacement of the battery too (which is stuck to the rear of the display housing)

Must say, after 14 months to get it repaired under warranty is a real customer focussed solution and is a real positive step in today's oled age.
Kudos where it's due, and today it's due at Samsung's door.

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Re: Just a bit of info: screen burn in

Thanks for that info @viridis 

Important for a lot of people who are getting this apparently ever increasing screen burn.

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Re: Just a bit of info: screen burn in

It is a real pain if it's noticeable, mine was very noticeable and one side whites were now pink.
In the oled devices I've owned over the years I can say the S6 and S9 were probably the quickest to get burned in, the best was the S3, which was solid white after a year, the XZ3 is still solid white but hasn't been a year yet so at moment it would be speculation to suggest it's equal to or better.

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Re: Just a bit of info: screen burn in

It's obviously going to be more of a problem now with these high end phones with oled displays and possibly why burn in is now a popular trade-in 'catchphrase'. Well done Samsung relieved

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Re: Just a bit of info: screen burn in

Great news, @viridis: Kudos to Samsung for attention to their customers!

(And to @viridis too!)
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