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Huawei and MMS

My Hauawei P6 won't send or receive MMS messages. I tried sending a text requiest (202) then activating the settigns set including switching off and on, but no good. I tried to speka to an O2 adviser but eventaully all I got was a 'chat' on my phone. I explained I what I had tried but the adviser said she was resetting my setting s and it would work 'by 24 hours'. Over 24 hrs later it still doesn't send MMS. What to do?

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Re: Huawei and MMS

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Speak to O2 via 202 contract or 4445 PAYG ,not live chat and ask them to re provision your account for mms.

Here are the Apn settings for O2


There are however cheaper options than using mms.

Ie what's app or viber.