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Huawei P20 Pro Firmware Update

Does anybody know when O2 will release the next firmware update for the Huawei P20 Pro? I purchased an unlocked version but according to Huawei the UK version (C782) will be branded to the first network sim that's used, therefore relying on the network to release the software. I was hoping the updates would come directly from Huawei avoiding the usual delays from the networks.


The other versions sold in europe are about two updates in front. Mine last updated to in April and is still on the April security patch. I could unlock the bootloader but that would invalidate the guarantee. The latest updates offer enhanced camera features and up to date security patches. Another version has just been released with much better GPU performance so god knows when we will get that, if ever.


Also currently O2 don't support wifi and VoLTE calling on this phone but 3 and EE do. Any chance that's coming soon? I found the toggle switch in one of the hidden engineer type menus but it won't stay on when selected, the phone just needs the network to support it.


Hope someone has got some info...thanks.

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Re: Huawei P20 Pro Firmware Update

@Chris_K is the only one likely of knowing anything at all.
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Re: Huawei P20 Pro Firmware Update

Just an update, the firmware was updated yesterday to (C782). Contacted O2 via twitter a few days ago and they had no idea when or if there was going to be an update.