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How to cahnge text font size?

I have a galaxy Y but am not young! I am of an age where the print in newspapers (and text messages) seems to be getting smaller and therefore harder to read.


Can I make the text message font bigger ion my phone?


Thanks, Brian

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Re: How to cahnge text font size?

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There are apps you can download to change the font size. There's one called Big Font, which is free. Can't guarantee it, as I don't use it, but there are others you can try as well. Hope you find one you can use.


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Re: How to cahnge text font size?

Depending on the firmware on your phone you may already have the option in the message app settings (open message app, press menu then settings). Or go to the main phone settings menu and select display then font size.
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Re: How to cahnge text font size?

I seem to have everything BUT text size.