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Galaxy S3 portable wi-fi hotspot doesn't work...

I'm trying to use the portable wi-fi hotspot on my Galaxy S3, I can't get the laptop to connect. Windows (XP) will see the SSID of the hotspot just fine, but when I hit connect and put the password in it just sits there - nothing happens on the S3, it just shows "No devices" in the Connected devices area. I've tried WPA2, WPA and open, same thing. Firewall off in windows makes no difference.


Bluetooth hotspot and USB tether work just fine. The laptop connects just fine to my home wireless network. I've tried a second laptop just for good measure, same thing. 


Would be useful to know if anyone else is (successfully) using the S3 portable wi-fi hotspot, and did it 'just work' ?



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Re: Galaxy S3 portable wi-fi hotspot doesn't work...

Mine connects fine on a Win 7 64bit machine. Password is case sensitive so ensure you got it exactly right "o or 0" etc.... Also, try adding your machine under "Allowed devices" just in case there is a security issue with XP.
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