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Credits with Android/Google Pay not shown by the app

Just a snippet of information that others may find useful regarding credits for Google Pay transactions. My wife quite likes using Android (now Google) Pay on her Samsung phone as it is quick and shows on the phone what has been spent and where - much tidier than a bunch of card receipts.

Recently she made a purchase in M&S using the app but then got a partial refund on the purchase. Whilst she did get a paper refund receipt, the credit transaction did not show on the app. It did show up on the associated credit card transaction list (looking on-line) a few days later.

I think I can understand the logic of this as it is the retailer who authorises the refund but it would have been quite nice to have a (memorandum) entry on the app for completeness.

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Re: Credits with Android/Google Pay not shown by the app

Interesting piece of info @AndyinSuffolk, cheers for posting. I don't use Google Pay as I don't have Android so I'm not familiar with it myself. Is there no way to add personal "notes" next to items in the app?

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Re: Credits with Android/Google Pay not shown by the app

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The idea of having a personal note linked to a transaction is very good. I haven't found that feature in the app though so I have suggest that in feedback for the app.

It does timestamp the transactions and, in most cases, the location on a map.

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Re: Credits with Android/Google Pay not shown by the app

Thanks for this @AndyinSuffolk I use this method of payment quite a lot at my local supermarket though I've never had occasion to return anything. Good to know though and useful for anyone searching the community ☺