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Can't text or phone one known to be valid number

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Recently changed my phone to Alcatel 1B, continuing on same sim only contract as previously. Had no problems until today when trying to contact one number which is known to be valid. Tried sms and the text would not send - instead a pop up says "incorrectly formatted number" or words to that effect. Tried ringing the same number and recorded message says "number not recognised". I tried the same on an old payg phone which i keep topped us as a backup phone - and no problem contacting the said number, also phoned it from landline and no problem. So does anyone know why this could be happening only on my main mobile phone? Seems very odd. Could it be something in settings I need to check? Tho no problems contacting other numbers. Grateful for any advice. 

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@AnonymousIt sounds as if the person you are calling has blocked you accidentally on your new number. Ask them to check their contacts to see if that's  the case.

If you can call and text all of your other contacts, it seems the most obvious thing.

Also you can call this number on a payg phone and landline (both different numbers)

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@Cleoriff dont know how I've managed this, but this is "Cas" the person who posted above as a new member, and now its auto-signed me in with my original membership which I couldn't remember login details earlier 😂


Anyway to the matter of the moment - thanks for your reply, yes I'm following that up as you suggest - tho is a brand new contact and I doubt would already have my number before today - but will see 👍🤗

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Numbers are recycled so it's possible that they may have blocked it previously if it was been used for spamming or scamming.

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Hello @MI5 thanks for reply and suggestion. Yes i see your point but it would've been a lot of years ago if anyone else had my number. I've had same number for - well lost track how long had it, but always have transferred it whenever get new phone. Will report back what all this leads to 🤗

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