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HTC One V Signal Problems

Hi, I'm currently having a few problems with my signal. It can randomly show no signal and will stay like that forever until I reset the phone. Once it boots up again the signal is fine. This leads me to believe its a software problem rather than hardware. I've tried setting my network mode to either GSM or WCDMA, yet the problem persists. Anyone got any advice or do you think the phone itself is faulty? I've only had it a few weeks. Cheers

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Re: HTC One V Signal Problems

The HTC one v suffers from the same problem as the HTC legend. The atenna is mounted in the plastic cover which goes over the battery sim etc. When you hold it it attenuates the signal watch the sig strength bar then put your hand around the base.see what i mean. There is a post on the net which improoved the sig on the Legend. I tried it and it seems to work. With the phone turned on remove the antenna cover. sig strength 0 short the two brass contacts in the phone with a paperclip sig strengh goes to full. leave it shorted for 1 min. remove then refit cover. it improoved my Legend. Dont know why seemed to some sort of reset. I now get signal where I didnt before. Obviously my disclaimer is that it is at your own risk. If your not happy try and get the handset change the handset for a different model.