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Recalling our O2 Original 45W and 20W plugs

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Hello folks wave


PLEASE READ the below, especially if you’ve purchased an O2 Original 45W or 20W plug in the past, as these products have now been recalled ‼️


More details can be seen below, including what happens next if you're an impacted customer ↘️


What’s happening 📢


We’ve received a very small number of reports on a few faulty O2-branded plugs, and although there was no report of injury or damage to property, we’ve decided to remove them from sale.


A full investigation was conducted by the third-party supplier, Exertis. While they’ve confirmed there were no significant failures in testing, and there’s a very low likelihood of public risk, they’ve recommended a voluntary product recall, which we’ve followed.


The affected plugs  🗣


This product recall affects a range of 45W and 20W O2-branded plugs, sold by us from August 2021–January 2023.


The configurations include:

  •  O2 Original 45W Mains Charger with USB-C to USB-C Cable
  • O2 Original 45W Mains Charger with USB-C to Lightning Cable
  • O2 Original 20W Mains Charger (without Cable)
  • O2 Original 20W Mains Charger with USB-C to USB-C Cable
  • O2 Original 20W Mains Charger with USB-C to Lightning Cable 


Here’s how they look ↘️


    Plug Recall 1.pngPlug Recall 2.pngPlug Recall 3.png









How to exchange your plug? 🔌


You can request a replacement by emailing and referencing the voluntary recall process. The Exertis team will arrange for one to be sent directly to your home address. Click here for full info.


Please recycle your affected plugs at any recycling point near you – find one at – or bring it into any O2 store


Need more support? 📧


For more info, please head here or talk to the Exertis team at ➡️


Disclaimer: We advise that affected customers cease using all faulty chargers immediately. We will not be liable for any issues arising from further use of the affected chargers, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law.















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Thanks for that. I have one of those plugs but it isn't branded as O2.

Nevertheless, I will hand it in for recycling as it is better to be safe than sorry.   

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I've got one but like what Oxonians says it's not a 02 one can I claim one 

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