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O2 unveils living billboard

O2 Social Media Team
O2 Social Media Team
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  • O2 has unveiled a living billboard as a part of the network’s four-week ‘Go’ campaign on Priority
  • The billboard in Shoreditch is made from hundreds pistachio stems which reveal an environmentally friendly ‘Go Green’ message
  • Passers-by can tear off seeded paper and grow their very own plants at home

O2 has today revealed a plantable living billboard to celebrate the network’s ‘Go Green’ initiative as a part of its four-week ‘Go’ campaign on Priority.

Located in Shoreditch on the corner of Commercial Street and Quaker Street, the billboard is made from hundreds of pistachio stems which will reveal an environmentally friendly ‘Go Green’ message over the course of its two-week placement.

What’s more, passers-by will also be greeted by recyclable A6 posters made entirely from wild-flower seed paper which can be torn off and used to grow plants at home.

Priority’s ‘Go’ campaign provides O2 customers with a wide array of amazing exclusive experiences – both in the real-world and digitally – by encouraging them to try something new as life slowly returns to normality. O2 customers have so far been offered a streamed virtual talk with a wildlife photographer and filmmaker, a dining experience with an overnight stay at a luxury hotel, and will this week have the opportunity to learn how to grow their own living wall in their homes. In the coming weeks, customers will have access to further experiences, from free tickets to a family-friendly virtual rave to the chance to win a getaway to a restorative retreat.

Tracey Herald, Head of Partnerships and Social Impact at O2, said: “Over the past few months, we’ve all seen the profound impact changing our behaviours can have on the environment. We want to encourage the nation to keep up the good work and return to the new normal in a more environmentally friendly way. Priority’s unique billboard, and the Go Green week of offers are designed to do just that, giving our customers a wealth of fantastic incentives to help them embrace both greener lifestyles and choices.”

Priority is exclusive to O2 customers and brings a collection of invite-only moments to help them do more of the things they love. From exclusive treats and experiences, to early access to the most sought-after tickets in entertainment.

Customers can download the Priority app via the app store, or by texting PRIORITY to 2020. For more information, search Priority on O2.

Passers-by can check out the living billboard and posters in Shoreditch on the corner where Quaker Street meets Commercial Street, E1 6BA.

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"Passers-by can tear off seeded paper and grow their very own plants at home"

Really? Can those not in the area get hold of any?
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If you get a hold of any @pgn or anyone else reading this topic, I'd LOVE to see some plant pictures here on the community if you get them to grow. 🌱

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@pgn wrote:
"Passers-by can tear off seeded paper and grow their very own plants at home"

Really? Can those not in the area get hold of any?

Be great if Community managers could pop along in the lunchtime, tear off a couple of seeded papers and send them to "some" of us members winkwho could plant `em and report on progress... Happy Dance

You could even have a competiton or prize draw to win some seeds for us lot who live "North of Watford" and don`t venture down to the "Smoke" - just a suggestion


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