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Re: O2 Community Guidelines

To belatedly add my own comments on editing a post. I am a fairly fast typist but I also make a number of typos. I read my posts several times to pick up those typos before posting and normally succeed. However, because I occasionally read what should be there rather than what is, I've been known to miss a typo or misspelling. I edit that post to correct the typo or misspelling and as @Cleoriff has said you cannot see anyone else posting after you while your editing your post.

Now I do try to remember to add that the post has been edited to correct a typo or misspelling but I do forget occasionally.

I try to ensure that I have a full and complete reply before posting. But I am human and occasionally, just occasionally, realise that I should have included an additional point or a link that will assist. So again edit my post. I trust this should not cause a problem as I'm not trying, in any way, to outdo anyone else. Simply trying to be as helpful as possible.
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Re: O2 Community Guidelines

Hi guys, thanks for all your comments and interesting discussion related to editing posts. FYI the guidelines themselves didn't actually change from earlier, I just reposted them under my name as they were in a topic posted by our previous team member who has now left. Smiley Happy We'll check out the part about editing posts and will review in case it needs any clarifications. Any questions on any of the other parts please do let us know!

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